About Us

Driven by Determination

Our club was founded by Robert 'Bob' O'Neill, Jr. He decided to pick up a new hobby hoping to make it into a small business after moving from Florida to North Carolina and started to look into firearms. The truth be told, Bob felt 'inept' when going into a local gun store/range for advice. Feeling like most stores are in it only for the almighty dollar, Bob quickly realized that finding a 'club' or 'social group' was going to be challenging.

​So where does a new person go to get advice? Where does someone go for help? Like many, he started to use social media, and soon found himself a member of several groups that had a lot of people in them and thought he found his fix! Well, to make a long story short, this was not a fix but turned into more frustration than help. He knew that he didn't want to give up, just because of 'peacock' chested firearm holders a/k/a show-offs, that think they know everything and those so-called experts that seem to forget they were a 'newbie' at one time as well.

​Bob ended up more furious and thought about just having his gun and hoping he would never have to use it. On second thought, would he even know how to use it correctly? What was the common theme of his frustration? It was the negative responses he was receiving from other 'clubs' online.

​With that being said, Bob decided not to give up and started his own local club. The club started on Facebook but then opened his home to club members. Small in size, it was a 'social club' that anyone could join and share stories, learn from each other, talk about topics of interest, and more. Bob soon was introduced to someone that had their own CCW business and started to have meetings at that location but knew he wanted more as well.

​With that being said, we invite you to give us a try with nothing to lose! Meetings are usually held once a month. During the meetings, we will have a full agenda that all members can benefit from, and we will welcome topic discussions from all our members. We often have speakers join us to talk about specific subjects. It's a social club to gather, discuss and simply make new friends and have fun!

If you hold experience or specific knowledge about any aspect of firearm ownership, operation, safety, education, recreation, events, competition, collecting, law, etc. we would love for you to come and speak at a meeting and even be part of our Board. Participation will be a vital part of the success of Carolina Gun Club and we can't wait for you to join us! Don't be shy...we are all in the same boat, with some having more experience than the next or more importantly, less experience.

Again, we are still a small club and we are not about showing off on who knows more about firearms, but our goal is to hold the conversation around topics that we all have or had at one time owning or wanting to own a firearm. Even if you do not own a firearm, this would be a great way to learn about different firearms, pros/cons, etc. from actual owners that have and use them. We hope to see you at one of our club meetings.