Membership & Fee Price List

Effective 05/01/21

Carolina Gun Club, LLC is an NRA affiliated club.  All members will be required to have at least a basic NRA Membership. For more detailed information, members should refer to the club bylaws and governing documents of Carolina Gun Club, LLC. All accounts must be current before using any services/events. At the current time, Carolina Gun Club, LLC is not charging a membership fee. Our goal at the present time is to grow our member base. Eventually, as we grow, a Membership Fee may be charged based on club expenses. Until further notice, events will be posted as normal. To join, click on Menu Option 5-Online Application and fill out the required information. To purchase, extend or renew your NRA Membership, click the logo below for Club Rates. 

Shooting Practice


As of today, we are still not charging a membership fee.

Currently, our goal is to expand our member base, so we can all learn and exchange ideas.

Should you have questions, please email us at


  • If you are interested in partnering with our club in return for advertisement on our site, please contact us.

  • We are also looking for members to be on our Board as well. If you have skills, knowledge, etc that can help others, we would love to have you!  Use the CONTACT US form and shot us a quick message. We would love to have you! 

Shooting Targets



Account Reactivation - $10 - [not active]

[auto-applied when an account goes dormant after 60 days]
Auto Payment Declined - $10 - [not active]

[auto-applied when credit, debit, ACH is declined for any reason]
Dispute | Chargeback - $25+

[auto-applied when a valid charge is disputed by a member]
Invoice or Statement Copy - $3 

[auto-applied for the reprint of a statement and/or invoice older than 90 days]
Late Payment - $5 - [not active]

[auto-applied when payment is not received by due date]
Return Check / NSF - $25 

[auto-applied when a check is returned for any reason]









Shooting Target


Our benefits are always changing to help get local benefits from small business owners.  The below items are the current Member Benefits for Carolina Gun Club Members as of 04.08.2019. If you are a small business that is willing to give a discount to our members in exchange for advertisement on our site, please let us know


  • Guest Speakers during the year (active)

  • Various Shooting Events at reduced prices (active)

  • Discounts on NRA Memberships - Click here for current rates (active)

  • 25% off Membership for Active | Retired 1st Responders (not-active - no membership fees)

  • 15% or higher discount on all inventory from Carolina Gun Club (active)

  • 5% -10% off most products from Secure the Perimeter (active) - Business Owner - Al & Bev Aymer) 

  • 25% off towing from T&E Towing and Recovery (active)- Business Owner & Club Member Ed Bailey)



Terms and/or Restrictions may apply for above merchants. Subject to change at any time without notice.