Member Application

Please read and understand the following.  Carolina Gun Club, LLC is a private social club. When applying for membership, our staff may use public and/or private records and social platforms to review your current and past history in many areas. Background checks such as criminal history, driving records, and others may be used to verify who you are and what your history has been like over the past several years. We are a law abiding club and work closely with law enforcement when needed. Other documents may be asked for during the member application process which you will have limited time to provide those documents if asked.  If you are not approved, this club will notify you within 14 business days via US Postal service and/or email. 

You agree to hold harmless Carolina Gun Club and it's members concerning the approval or denial of your application. If you do not agree with the above-said process, then please do not apply for membership as we do not make exceptions for anyone applying for membership.